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New Wealth Manager.

You have sold a business.
You have inherited wealth.
You have won a lottery
You want a ‘second opinion’ advisor.

To safeguard & grow these & your other assets it is best practice to appoint a Wealth Manager.
With such a wide choice of available companies it is a good idea to develop a short list of potential Wealth Managers.
On this short list you might include Wealth Managers from your own heritage where there is potential for immediate empathy.
For example, if you are an Irish American (or Scottish American) you may wish to include several 5 Star Irish American Wealth Managers on your short list.
Location is also an important consideration.
Size of the Wealth Management company is another consideration.
Word of mouth testimonials are very useful.
This brings us on to our core belief:

‘Past performances of Wealth Management companies are good indicators of future success.’

The following indicators are all measures of past performance successes.

(i)  5 Star Wealth Manager Awards

(ii)  Wealth Management Case Studies

(iii) Wealth Management Videos

(iv) Wealth Management Testimonials* (Not USA)

*Prohibited in the US  by US Securities & Exchange Commission

But as Albert Einstein said “Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience.” It is this experience expressed through the achievements & successes of the wealth managers that is so important in choosing a new wealth manager.

The search engines are not structured to provide this information efficiently.

That is why we are developing this Wealth Management Sharing Economy.

We prominently feature 5 Star wealth awards, wealth management case studies & wealth management videos.

This results in increased efficiency & convenience for wealthy individuals.

No more frustration with tedious internet searching for wealth management testimonials, case studies, awards, videos et al.

We have done the searching !

As Steve Jobs quoted  ” It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.”


Our Objective

(i) To make life easier for wealthy individuals seeking a new wealth manager.

(ii) To provide Low Cost digital advertising for wealth management companies.


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