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flooding, bush fires , melting glaciers, deserts…..

solar panels,wind turbines, robots, forestry,….



The deadliest disease  since  Spanish Flu  -102 years ago!

Covid-19 – This is a coronavirus like Sars & Mers but not as deadly.

Imperial College’s Professor Neil Ferguson & Professor Azra Ghani presented new data showing likely UK deaths from the coronavirus covid-19 could be limited to 13,000 if the following procedures are followed : Home isolation of cases, social distancing of entire population, school and university closure. The only answer to this virus is vaccination or some innovative technology & that will take a year or so.

Governments around the world will need to invest billions of euros more in coronavirus vaccine development, to take forward some promising candidates that are emerging, according to CEPI

“It’s a very risky business – everything is being done in parallel, you’re not building on the expertise of others – but good progress is being made,” said Melanie Saville, director of vaccine research and development at CEPI.

Researchers sprang into action once the genome sequence of COVID-19 was published online in mid-January, and the global quest for a vaccine includes up to 15 serious programmes.

CEPI, set up in in 2017 in the aftermath of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, says it needs total funding of $2 billion to advance three vaccines to the point where they can be submitted for regulatory approval in 2021.

While there are no guarantees of delivering a vaccine, the “aspiration” is to have millions of doses available for public  use within 12 to 18 months – “a very accelerated timeline,” said Saville.
Professor Gwyndaf Evans, the deputy life sciences director at Diamond  Light Source has announced discovery of an antibody, in the blood of a ‘recovered’ Sars patient,  that might help treat Covid-19.

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