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Peter Dodds

Peter Dodds, our Principal, played Tennis & Rugby for both Bristol & English Universities, graduated with an Honours degree in Chemistry & Maths. First job was in the Media Planning Department of Ogilvy & Mather London  – A Top 10 UK advertising agency. Followed by Ogilvy & Mather Melbourne Australia. Set up Independent Media Buying  Agencies in Sydney, Melbourne , London & Stockholm. His Australian Financial Services clients included NSW Permanent Building Society (the largest in Australia) & the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.His companies have handled £100 million of media planning over the years .

Peter always wanted to own an Advertising Medium.

When he registered city-of-london.com in 1996, 2 years before Google started, he envisaged a Financial Services Advertising Medium. It has been a long gestation!

Peter ‘s goal is to develop the City-of-london.com into a  leading Financial Services Advertising Medium – a digital resource for Chartered Financial Planners is the path.

Chartered Financial Planners have the highest Financial Planning qualifications in the UK. It follows that Companies with Chartered Financial Planners are among the best financial planning companies.

£ Billions of UK wealth planning is carried out without the expertise of Chartered Financial Planners. Huge opportunities for investors, Chartered Financial Planners , their employers & Hybrid Media Ltd. Down the line we will tie up with some powerful print media – hence the name Hybrid Media Ltd

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ONLY UK Financial Wealth Management Companies with Chartered Financial Planners on staff are eligible to be listed on this site. Investors only want the Best.

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As Winston Churchill said “ I am easily satisfied with the very best ”

Chartered Financial Planners are just that – the very best.