About us

The Privy Council

In 2005 the Privy Council established the title Chartered Financial Planners (CFPs)  to raise the Standard of UK Financial Planning. CFPs are the best – the most highly qualified in the UK.

Low Awareness of potential Financial Disasters

Millions of people are not aware of the value, the necessity even, of using CFPs.
 This results in disasters such as the recent ‘Unsuitable Pension Transfers’. The Financial Conduct Authority has contacted 1,600 financial planning companies about an estimated £2 billion loss to ordinary folk !

About us – Our Mission

To help raise the Standard of UK Financial Planning by promoting  ONLY  companies with CFPs on staff.
Chartered Financial Planners are the proven professionals.

Equity Release Concerns

£3,940,000,000 (£3.94 Billion) was taken from UK Homes’ Equity in 2018. A 29% increase year-on-year. If too much equity is taken out householders will get into serious trouble. If interest rates charged on the Equity Release mortgage are too high serious trouble results . If exit conditions are too onerous serious trouble results again. This minefield of danger needs Chartered Financial Planners’ expertise. Ignore the D. Telegraph £multi -million saturation advertising promoting ONLY Responsible Equity Release. Responsible Equity Release has just 1 CFP . Hardly enough for 300,000 clients!

Financial Planning Concerns

Ignore the D. Telegraph £multi -million saturation advertising promoting ONLY St James Place (SJP).
 SJP manages over £100,000,000,000 of investors’ funds. SJP have 4,096 advisers /partners. 
96% of these 4,096 adviser partnerships have  NO Chartered Financial Planners’ Expertise. 
A mere 169 adviser partnerships employing 218 CFPs to look after £100 billion! That is £458,000,000 per CFP! Compare SJP’s 218 CFPs with our ‘smaller CFP companies database ‘ of 2,000+ CFPs & you can see where the Financial Planning expertise really lies.

Our Principal

Peter Dodds – Bristol & English Universities  Tennis & Rugby colours, Hons. degree Chemistry & Maths. 
His skill is Advertising Media Planning, 4 years Ogilvy Mather London & Melbourne, established Independent Media Buying Services in London, Melbourne, Sydney & Stockholm.

Our Aims for Investors

To provide investors with the UK’s  TOP Financial Planning advice – that of CFPs.
To provide investors with the convenient, simple Perfect Search results.  

Our Aims for CFP Companies

  • Build your brand with Low cost advertising in a Perfect Qualitative  Environment.
  • Serious wealth & CFPs  to become synonymous
  • Investors need to know about the expertise of your CFPs!

Billions of UK Financial Planning every year lacks the oversight & expertise  of your CFPs!

Especially Equity Release , Pension Drawdown & Financial Planning.

Change this!

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As Winston Churchill said “ I am easily satisfied with the very best ”

Chartered Financial Planners are just that – the very best.