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Help investors by promoting your Chartered Financial Planners. Listings £5 pw

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  • £750 pa for 3 listings
  • £1,500 pa for 7 listings
  • £2,500 pa for 15 listings
  • Prime Listings €1,950 pa

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  • Per Photo £250 pa
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Top 12 Towns & Cities
Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Norwich, Sheffield

Important Notes
Listings placement is governed by time of booking – 1st booking  goes 1st …
Prime Listings take precedence over all other bookings.

Minor changes £100

Listing Criteria
Only UK Financial Planning companies with Chartered Financial Planners on staff are eligible for listing.
Companies may promote their CFP services in all geographical areas without restriction.
Only one listing per Company per page.

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Listings £5 pw

As Winston Churchill said “ I am easily satisfied with the very best ”

Chartered Financial Planners are just that – the very best.