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Corporate Client covers the whole range of companies from the small to the very large Multinational operators.

Corporate Clients:

All the Companies listed below have 4 or more CFPs on staff’

Armstrong Watson top 30 UK Accountants with in house team of Chartered Financial Planners

AAB Wealth Award Winning Chartered Financial Planners Wealth Management

Chartered wealth management, renowned for offering tailored financial services

  • Auto-Enrolment
  • Charities
  • Corporate Advice
  • Corporate Financial Planning
  • Corporate Financial Planning
  • Corporate Investment
  • Directors Pensions
  • Employee Benefits
  • Equity Release
  • Ethical Investments 
  • Financial Planning
  • Group Pensions
  • Group Private Medical Insurance
  • Professional Partners
  • Selling a business
  • Workplace Pensions

For all of these companies financial matters are both complex but extremely important.
Poor financial decisions invariably have grave consequences.
Some 20 years ago the UK Government was so worried about ‘poor financial planning’ that it decided change was needed.
So in 2005, the Privy Council authorised a Chartered Financial Planner title for high achievers. These individuals need to have achieved the highest financial management expertise & passed rigorous examinations across the whole financial services spectrum.
These are the elite, the special forces, the Praetorian Guard of UK financial planners & financial advisers.

These Chartered Financial Planners are the people to handle your Corporate Client business.
Only Companies with Chartered Financial Planners on staff are eligible to be listed on this website.

Our aim is to provide Corporate Clients , who are looking for new ‘Best of Breed’ financial advisers,  with in-depth information on Companies with Chartered Financial Planners on staff. In addition to Case Studies, Testimonials, Awards, Guides & Videos there will be information on all aspects of Financial Planning such as :

Automatic Pension Enrolment, Workplace Pensions, Group Pensions, Directors Pensions, Corporate Retirement, Corporate Pensions, Directors Financial Planning, Succession Planning, Executive Retirement, Investing Corporate Cash, Corporate Services, Charities, Business Planning,  Corporate Financial Planning, Financial Planning, Wealth Management, Corporate Investment, Selling a Business, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, Corporation Tax, Directors Tax, Directors Inheritance Tax, Business Protection, Keyman Insurance, Corporate insurance, Shareholder Protection, Business Assurance, Employee Benefits, Death in Service, Group Critical Illness, Group Private Medical Insurance & Group Life Insurance.

Such complexity demands the Highest Financial Experience. This is where Chartered Financial Planners come in. When you use a Chartered Financial Planner you are dealing with proven professionals.

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