Eco Projects

Kelda using UK cutting-edge aerospace engineering has created the world’s most efficient shower system. 

UK Government £3m eco Project for Female Entrepreneurs
Amanda Solloway, the UK’s 1st dedicated female science minister is supporting 10 Female Entrepreneurs to develop eco projects businesses with a £3,000,000 fund. These eco projects will be focussed on the Climate Change, Energy Efficiency, Health & Clean Transport sectors. The 10 inventors will be funded via the Women in Innovation Awards.

Wrightbus Hydrogen Bus Project
The Hydrogen Bus is the perfect example of Clean Transport. Burning hydrogen fuel produces water not the carbon dioxides of petrol or diesel. Jo Bamford, heir to JCB, has taken over Wrightbus, based in Ballymena Northern Island. The company currently produces a variety of buses from diesel to batteries. Whilst batteries produce no emission they all come from China. Jo’s passion is to build hydrogen buses which can capitalise on the UK’s wind energy resources & develop into major UK exporter.


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