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Equity Release needs Chartered Financial Planners

Equity Release products releases a cash sum from peoples’ homes
As Chartered Financial Planners, we pride ourselves on helping clients to

Equity Release needs Chartered Financial Planners’ Expertise

Do want the Best Equity Release possible?
Then Choose a Financial Planning Company with Chartered Financial Planners (CFPs) on staff.
CFPs will stop you taking out to much equity, ensure lowest possible interest rates & avoid ‘nasty exit’ conditions.
CFPs have APFS or FPFS initials after their names both of which denote Chartered Financial Planner status.
FPFS is the higher award as it denotes a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society – an extra honour.
The Privy Council in 2005 created the Title of Chartered Financial Planner to raise the standard of UK Financial Planning.
Chartered Financial Planner is the highest Financial Planning Award in the UK.
This award protects investors.
Equity Release done well can contribute enormously to later life happiness.
Equity Release done badly results in the opposite.
Amount of UK Equity Release in 2018 was £3,940,000,000 (£3.94 Billion)….a 29% increase year-on-year.
Ignore the D. Telegraph £multi million saturation advertising promoting Equity Release.
The exclusive recipient of all this advertising largesse is Responsible Equity Release which claims 300,000 clients & has justCFP
Investors would be well advised to contact the smaller Financial Planning Companies & access their boundless CFP talent.

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