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Financial Planning needs Chartered Financial Planners’ Expertise

Do want the Best UK Financial Planning?

Then Choose a Financial Planning Company with 4 or more Chartered Financial Planners (CFPs) on staff.

CFPs have APFS or FPFS initials after their names both of which denote Chartered Financial Planner status.

The Privy Council in 2005 created the Title of Chartered Financial Planner to raise the standard of UK Financial Planning.

Chartered Financial Planner is the highest Financial Planning Award in the UK.

This award protects investors.

You have just come into Serious Wealth.

Serious Wealth needs the Very Best Financial Planning Advice.

Individuals who have been awarded the title Chartered Financial Planners are the best.

In 2005, the Privy Council authorised this Chartered Financial Planners title for high achievers. These individuals have achieved the highest financial management expertise & passed rigorous examinations across the whole financial services spectrum.

EVERY COMPANY listed on this website has 4 or more Chartered Financial Planners on staff.

Chartered Financial Planner is the widely accepted Gold Standard qualification for UK professional financial planners & financial advisers.

Serious Wealth comes in many different ways – property downsizing, inheritance, medical negligence, lottery, divorce , entrepreneur’s  exit, selling a business & so on. Serious Wealth is where Chartered Financial Planner’s expertise is vital.

Serious Wealth also brings with it worries & concerns. Will it grow, will it be protected, how will I pass it on & tax implications. All of these issues are handled by Chartered Financial Planners. Just 5,000 UK financial advisers have qualified for this coveted & prestigious Chartered Financial Planner title. When you use a Chartered Financial Planner you are dealing with proven professionals.

The individuals path to Chartered status is not easy. Success in 14 exams across the whole financial services  spectrum over a number of years are necessary  to gain this important  title. There is also a Chartered Status for companies – only the UK’s premier financial planning firms qualify for this Chartered status. These Chartered Financial Planners specialise in giving Private Clients advice on investments, retirement planning, tax planning and estate planning.

Use Chartered Financial Planners’ expertise also for long term care, equity release & school fees planning.

Every Financial Planning Company featured on this website has 4 or more Chartered Financial Planners on staff.

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