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Financial Planning needs Chartered Financial Planners’ Expertise

Do want the Best UK Financial Planning?

Then Choose a Financial Planning Company with Chartered Financial Planners (CFPs) on staff.

CFPs have APFS or FPFS initials after their names both of which denote Chartered Financial Planner status.

The Privy Council in 2005 created the Title of Chartered Financial Planner to raise the standard of UK Financial Planning.

Chartered Financial Planner is the highest Financial Planning Award in the UK.

This award protects investors.

If your current Financial Planning Company does not have CFPs on staff then your assets are NOT being handled in the optimum way.

Ignore the D. Telegraph £multi million saturation advertising promoting St James Place – which manages over £100,000,000,000 of investors funds.

SJP have 4,096 advisers /partners.

96% of these 4,096 adviser partnerships have NO Chartered Financial Planners’ Expertise.

A mere 169 adviser partnerships employing 218 CFPs to look after £100 billion! That is £458,000,000 per CFP!

Compare SJP’s 218 CFPs with our ‘smaller CFP companies ‘ database of 2,000+ CFPs & you can see where the Financial Planning expertise really lies.

Investors would be well advised to contact the smaller Financial Planning Companies which have boundless CFP talent.

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Chartered Financial Planners are just that – the very best.