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Investments are the beating heart of Financial Planning.



All the Companies listed below have 4 or more CFPs on staff’

Armstrong Watson top 30 UK Accountants with in house team of Chartered Financial Planners

AAB Wealth Award Winning Chartered Financial Planners Wealth Management

Chartered wealth management, renowned for offering tailored financial services

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  • Discretionary Fund Management
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  • Investments
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  • Sustainable Investment

Investment strategy is one of the most important roles for the Financial Planner.
It is logical to use the highest qualified Financial Planners for this vital work.
The highest qualified Financial Planners are Chartered Financial Planners.
Chartered Financial Planner is the Gold Standard qualification for UK professional financial planners & financial advisers created by the Privy Council in 2005. All Chartered Financial Planners must have at least five years’ relevant professional experience and commit to continued professional development. 
Only UK Companies with Chartered Financial Planners on staff are eligible to be listed on this website. Each Investor will have different goals & needs.
Listed below are some of the Investment types to be considered:

(i)   ISAs
ISAs are UK Government approved tax-free investment accounts offered by banks, building societies and other financial institutions.

(ii)   SIPPs
Self-Invested Personal Pension plans UK Government approved. Individuals may choose from a range of HM Revenue and Customs approved investments.

(iii)  Ethical Investing
Climate Change concerns have grown steadily over the last few years due to extreme temperatures & weather conditions. Investments in Sustainability projects, Climate Change, Carbon Capture, Green Bonds are burgeoning.

(iv)  Discretionary Fund Management
Discretionary investment management is a bespoke investment management service for high worth investors. A portfolio manager make the investment decisions hence the term ‘discretionary’.

(v)   Tax Efficient Investment
Tax considerations are an important consideration in Financial Planning. Tax Efficient Investment takes advantage of all the available opportunities from HM Revenue & Customs.
These include Venture Capital Trusts (VCT), Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) & Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes (SEIS).

When you use a Chartered Financial Planner for your Mortgage Planning you are dealing with proven professionals. Go with the Best.

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