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Change is one of the great certainties of life.

Looking forward to life after work
Martin rose to the top in his profession, but with his workload increasing

AAB’s Lifetime Cash Flow Modelling enables clients ‘to visualise’
Lifetime Cash Flow Modelling is a key component of our Wealth Planning service,


  • Care Fees Planning
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Divorce
  • Equity Release
  • Estate Planning
  • Ethical Investments
  • Financial Planning
  • Holistic Financial Planning
  • Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Later Life Planning
  • Life Assurance
  • Life Stages
  • Lifetime Cashflow Modelling
  • Long Term Care
  • Personal Injury Settlements
  • Personal Protection
  • School Fees Planning
  • Trusts & Wills

We cannot stop these changes.  But we can prepare for them.
Almost all, without exception, involve money.
The Best ‘Money People’ in the UK are Chartered Financial Planners.
So choose a Chartered Financial Planner to guide you through life’s financial hazards.
Let us look at some of life’s changes where these CFPs’ counselling would be invaluable

(i) Mortgage
Buying a home & taking on a mortgage is the largest financial investment that any person or couple can undertake. It makes sense to use the most highly qualified financial planners available – Chartered Financial Planners.

(ii) School & University Fees
With average day pupil private secondary school fees at £15,000 pa & Universities at £9,000 pa, it is time for some serious financial planning from your Chartered Financial Planner.

(iii) Winning a Lottery
Time for a steady professional hand – the Chartered Financial Planner.
No time for that crate of Veuve Clicquot Champagne, a World Cruise & a Flash Car!  Then Ooops! Before they know it they are bust with all the dodgy investments gone down the pan.

(iii) Divorce & Separation
Traumatic times which need the cool head & steady hand of the Best Financial Brains & advice- an experienced Divorce Specialist & Chartered Financial Planner.

(iv) Personal Injury Settlement, Medical & Dental Negligence
Very substantial settlements for life changing injuries are awarded to cover a lifetime of treatment. The skill & expertise of the Chartered Financial Planner will be most valuable in these cases.

(v) Inheritance
The elephant in the room is Inheritance Tax. Whether giving or receiving the inheritance best to get the best possible Tax advice from a Chartered Financial Planner.

(vi) Care Fees Planning
The sooner Care Fees Planning is addressed the better. This will bring peace of mind & minimise stress. It is essential that this important financial planning utilises the proven expertise of Chartered Financial Planners.

(vii) Funeral Planning
Sad but necessary.

Lifetime Cashflow Modelling & Holistic financial planning are additional services offered by these Top Financial Planners – the elite Chartered Financial Planners:

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