London Chartered Financial Planners


The London area is by far the most important market for wealth management companies.

London has the highest concentration of wealth in the UK & probably Europe as well, the potential for business is huge indeed.

These wealthy Londoners deserve & expect the best financial advice & services.

This is where Chartered Financial Planners expertise comes in.

Chartered Financial Planners are the very best. They hold the gold plated financial planning qualification authorised by the Privy Council.

In 2005, the Privy Council authorised the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) to issue a Chartered Financial Planners title for individuals.
The aim was to raise the standard of UK wealth management.
Chartered Financial Planners is now the widely accepted Gold Standard qualification for UK professional financial planners & financial advisers.
Many wealth management companies offering Chartered Financial Planners expertise do not have London offices. Meeting rooms at the Institute of Directors in London’s Pall Mall & other London venues are all that is needed.
This means that any UK financial planning company with Chartered Financial expertise can be listed here to help Londoners with their financial matters.
Chartered Financial Planner(CFP) expertise is most important when very large sums of money are involved - London footballers, London lottery winners, London business owners selling up & so on.
With the sky high London property prices, Londoners downsizing to a smaller property or moving out of London need the best financial guidance - CFP advice.

London Private Client services include Financial Reviews, Holistic Planning, Entrepreneur’s  Exit, Selling a Business, Property Downsizers , Life after work, Mortgage and Equity Release &
School Fees planning.
On the  Corporate  side, CFPs have a role to play with London’s Companies in the following areas
Group pensions, Corporate insurance, Corporate financial planning & Employee benefits.

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