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    Weddings are one of the most exciting & important events of one’s life. Not only for the Bride & Groom but the whole family & invited friends. However, the organisation of this exciting wedding ceremony is very complex. That is why many couples are choosing micro weddings which are much simpler. Indeed, many couples are even going for elopements which is the simplest & least costly of all wedding options. However, there is nothing to beat the excitement of the large weddings. Indeed, racecourse wedding venues are particularly favoured by Asian Couples where the guest list numbers many hundreds, indeed thousands!

    Of course, the organisation of these large ceremonies are very complex. It needs careful planning. Choice of wedding venue, style of format, catering, wedding favours, wedding cake, transport, entertainment, seating arrangements, wedding invitations, wedding photography, wedding videography, wedding streaming ….the list goes on & on. This is where the Wedding Planner comes into their own. They have done it all before. Money well spent to take all the stress out of it. After all this event is one of the most important in one’s life.


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