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The biggest financial commitment in life is your mortgage.


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There is a myriad of factors to consider, difficult choices to be made & dangers to be avoided particularly with Equity Release. So it makes sense to use Chartered Financial Planners – the highest qualified UK Financial Planners. All Chartered Financial Planners must have at least five years’ relevant professional experience and commit to continued professional development.

When you use a Chartered Financial Planner for your Mortgage Planning you are dealing with proven professionals.

(i)  Equity Release
Also called Lifetime Mortgages, allows a tax-free lump sum to be ‘borrowed’ from the equity of your home. This process needs to have the expertise of Chartered Financial Planners as there are dangers involved. If too much equity is released there are real dangers.

(ii)  Re-mortgage
The re-mortgage of a property makes sense if money can be saved.  Lower interest rates, reducing the mortgage or increasing the mortgage are all possible. Use the skills of Chartered Financial Planners to ensure the best results.

(iii)  Specialist Mortgages
Specialist Mortgages like New Build Mortgages or Thatched Cottage Mortgages are outside the mainstream. This means that mortgage rate quotes can be excessive. Best to contact the proven professionalism of Chartered Financial Planners.

(iv)  Mortgage Protection
Your home is likely to be your most important asset. You cannot be too careful protection with its protection. You must guard against all eventualities.
This is where the expertise of Chartered Financial Planners comes to the fore.
Most importantly, you need Life Insurance for the income provider. So, in the unfortunate event of their death, it will ensure that the mortgage payments are covered.
Serious injury insurance needs also be considered.  If the income provider is a Company Director or Business Owner your Chartered Financial Planners will be able to construct a tax efficient package to cover all eventualities.

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