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Preparing for the unexpected is a vital part of financial planning


A Relevant Life Plan (RLP) could be a cost effective way of providing life cover to both directors ….

How their families would obtain value for their shareholdings in the event of their demise

Bespoke Life assurance, Critical illness cover, Income protection & Private medical insurance.

There are many forms of Protection insurance – mortgage protection, critical illness, household insurance, life insurance, mortgage protection, income insurance, corporate Insurance & so on.
They are all designed to look after the family in the event of the death or very serious illness of the income provider.

Preparing for the unexpected is a vital part of financial planning. It is essential that loved ones are protected in the event of death or illness. No better people to handle this than Chartered Financial Planners – recognised as the most highly qualified of all UK financial planners. All Chartered Financial Planners must have at least five years’ relevant professional experience and commit to continued professional development. This means that Chartered Financial Planners’ knowledge is completely up to date with the latest financial regulations, and that they follow current regulatory requirements.

Your greatest asset is income. A protection plan needs to be in place in case this money flow stops. Cost effectiveness & tax efficiency are essential ingredients for such a plan.
Income, Illness, Mortgage Protection, Corporate & Keyman insurance all are available to cover all eventualities.

Below are listed some of the business protection options:

( i)  Shareholder Protection Insurance
This insurance protects against the loss of a key shareholder

( ii)   Key Person Insurance
Loss of a key employee could spell disaster for a small business. Protect against this with Key Person –also call Keyman Insurance.

(iii) Group Income Protection
Group Income Protection provides an employee with a regular income if disability, illness or injury occurs.
On the personal front Life Cover, Private Health Insurance & Mortgage Protection all combine to protect your family  in the event of death or serious injury to the income provider.

When you use a Chartered Financial Planner for your Protection Planning you can be sure that you are dealing with proven professionals. Chartered Financial Planners have been authorised by the Privy Council to raise the level of UK Financial Planning. What an endorsement! What peace of mind!

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